Old Danish Dictionary - komplex

Meaning of Old Danish word "Komplex", as defined by Otto Kalkar's Dictionary of Old Danish language.

The Old Danish word Komplex can mean:

  • n0. forhold, tilstand; fire complex, sosom melancolia oc co- lera oc vredh, oc røktes borttagels. H. Suso. 58.21; melancolia, en kom- plex, so0 heder. Vocab. 1514. Smlgn. Siderwall, Ordb.:komplex;Grimm, Wb.: complex.

Possible runic inscription in Medieval Futhork:ᚴᚮᛘᛕᛚᚽᛋ
Medieval Runes were used in Denmark from 12th to 17th centuries.

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