Old Danish Dictionary - knaphed

Meaning of Old Danish word "Knaphed", as defined by Otto Kalkar's Dictionary of Old Danish language.

The Old Danish word Knaphed can mean:

  • no. 1), oraskhed, bevægelighed; agilitas, knaphed. Colding, Etymol. 14. — 2) hast; raptim, med 'eu hast, i on knaphed, i en hui. Colding, Ety- mol. 1047; velociter, med en hast o0 knaphed. sst, 1400; Nucl. latinit, 1999. — 3) vanskelighed. Moth,

Possible runic inscription in Medieval Futhork:ᚴᚿᛆᛕᚼᚽᚦ
Medieval Runes were used in Denmark from 12th to 17th centuries.

Abbreviations used:

navneord (substantivum).